Our Conductor

Constantinos Patsantzopoulos

Degrees of European Music
-Degree of Counterpoint (1985)
-Degree of Fugue (1996)
-Certificate of Composition

University Education
- Degree of Superior Education at the Music Education of the Academy of the art of music and dance, Plovdiv- Bulgaria

Scientific-Artistic Activity
-Has taught at the department of Kindergarten Teachers at the University of Ioannina.
-Has worked as music teacher at second level Education
-Has taught in Faculties for educating Teachers (Marasleio etc)
-Member of the International Company Kodaly
-Director of the polyphonic Choir with appearances in Greece and abroad.


- Methodology of the Song in the Kinder garden School (OECD, Athens 1990)
- The First Music Steps (Athens 1995)
- Music Education (OECD, Athens 2001)
- Music-kinetics (OEDB, Athens 2001)
- Guide for the Application of the Flexible Zone: Book for the Teacher (Educational Institute, Athens 2001)
- Intersectional Approaches with Music as an axon
- Compositions of Children's Choir
- Harmonization of 12 songs of Greek Composers & the Mass of Ioannis Chrysostomos
- Cassette "Music Breaths" with the Mixed (Four Voices) Choir (Athens 1994)
- Teaching of the children choir at the issuance of a cassette with compositions of Domenikos Vamvakaris
- Issuance of the CD "Another Opinion" with the Mixed (Four Voices) Choir of the Music Workshop "Amphion" (Athens 1999)

Participation in research teams
-Restructuring of the Schooling Site
-Interior Evaluation and Programming of the Educational Work at the School Unit
-Distance learning of repatriate educators

-Various publications at the press : " Our Step", "Modern Kinder garden", "Intervention", "Orientations", "Educational Issues", "Supervision of Children Literature"

Other Activities
-Artistic Director of the Music Workshop of Chaidari "Amphion" and creator of the Mixed Four Voice Choir since 1987.